The service, the flight itself, and the landing – which was excellent." Points négatifs : "Repas pas top, pas de divertissement si ils ne sont pas télécharger en amont dans l’application. Charged even for soda and water. ", Points négatifs : "Less confusion about checking bags at the gate. Points négatifs : "I sat in an emergency row with an empty seat to my left and really did not like how the passenger in the row behind me kept getting up and walking into my row to get his stuff from the bins. I aldo found ground staff at the customer service desk very unsympathetic and unhelpful when I asked for assistance on grounds of ill health. ", Points négatifs : "Aucun rappel du vol.aucin message d'alerte. (As you will see when you look at the notes for our case). ", Points positifs : "Nothing" They failed today. But overall experience was good. Points négatifs : "La nourriture Système de divertissement qui ne Marche pas Confort pas top Embarquement en retard", Points négatifs : "Food was paid although it was not a surprise. The sandwich was made with pork ." Points négatifs : "I am a skyteam member and have platinum status with delta and prior to leaving for my trip I had contacted air europa with my skymiles number and was told baggage was included. Avion pas très propre. Points négatifs : "Perfect take off perfect landing so smooth nothing more can be better - Thank you! It is necessary to take a. But all flights before 09:00 are the star flights where airlines get their on-time departure scores. Over an hour late and I'm told this is a regular thing", Points positifs : "Tout s'est très bien déroulé pour nous =)" Points négatifs : "Food", Points positifs : "Pleasant approach of staff" Staff couldn’t seem to get food service down. Seattle has improved its arrivals hall, so clearing immigration and customs is much quicker than it used to be." ", Points positifs : "Nothing stood out. Points négatifs : "Chocolate", Points négatifs : "Well,my whole trip was an adventure! Customer service was terrible. Very poorly planned and completely unacceptable! Friendly and accommodating." La haute saison est en novembre, décembre et janvier. I will never fly EasyJet EVER again", Points positifs : "We left and arrived on time." The staff are not polite. When we had to stay overnight they didn’t mention it would take 4 hours to get our bags which actually never came. Conséquence j’ai mangé un bout de pain et une barre tendre! How long is the flight to Paris from London? Multiple people in line said they had been stranded in Portugal by TAP airlines before. ", Points positifs : "Left us alone a lot and also not a lot of brainless babbling over the pa. I have no complaints at all and would be happy to fly Iberia Express again." I will not use this airline ever again", Points positifs : "Prompt and courteous" ", Points positifs : "Very Organised and punctual", Points positifs : "Pilot kept us informed throughout the flight." Royaume-Uni, Aéroport de Londres-Heathrow - Aéroport de Paris-Orly. Points négatifs : "Out of a total of only seven (7) Business Class passengers on the flight from Venice to Madrid, for some reason they only had five (5) meals available, so we were offered a selection from the standard economy class snack list, which was substandard and very disappointing considering we paid for Business Class and therefore expected a Business Class meal and not just a snack! Very nice change from most airlines" ", Points positifs : "The price is affordable", Points positifs : "Super friendly" In Mexico City Airport I had missed a flight three days earlier as I'd been observing the departure screens and they'd failed to update the status of my aircraft: this time I was informed of the gate at check-in. Les trajets durent 75 minutes environ par voie routière et à peu près 35 minutes par voie ferroviaire. Points négatifs : "Boarding was confusing and poorly managed. Points négatifs : "Long delay. Also time zone change so flight was only really 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 1/2 hours. The sandwich was made with pork", Points négatifs : "An hour to check in is unreasonable and the having to go to a separate counter to pay for a bag was a joke. Points négatifs : "Send emails reminders to offer web check in. But not cheap. ", Points positifs : "Speed of boarding and disembarking. KAYAK Mix vous permet de combiner des allers simples pour économiser par rapport à un aller-retour traditionnel. Trouvez des billets d’avion pas chers pour Londres depuis Aéroport de Paris-Orly. 25% de nos utilisateurs ont trouvé un vol aller simple pour cet itinéraire à 45 € ou moins, et un vol aller-retour à 72 € ou moins. Les lieux branchés et avant-gardistes y fourmillent. Une fois a bord les réseaux ne fonctionnent généralement pas! Points négatifs : "- Personnel pas souriant du tout et pas de service (il faut aller se servir de l'eau au fond de l'avion) - Retard systématique - Le personnel nous refuse le service d'autre boisson que de l'eau - Aucune information en anglais - L'hôtesse s'endort avant l'atterrissage à Zurich et fait sont contrôle en courant et sauvagement", Points positifs : "A vrai dire pas grand chose, une des pires expérience de ma vie en therme de vol" De plus, le petit dejeuner était composé de un ridicule sandwich jambon fromage. Les conducteurs peuvent refuser de transporter des passagers qui ne suivent pas les instructions pour voyager en toute sécurité. Points négatifs : "Boarding chaotic in Copenhagen. The food and drink service was cheap, and I felt the attendants didn't feel like they had to try to give good service. Crew were friendly and efficient" This flight was much the same. Points négatifs : "Terminal d'embarquement très vieux..", Points négatifs : "retard. Eventually I discovered they were being triggered by the electrostatic charge on the pillows that I was rearranging. And we were surprised to get a snack pack on such a short trip. Polite and friendly team. I missed my original connection because the flight from Budapest was late and I was put in a cramped middle seat while there were seats open in First Class. We were later told the baggage crew forgot some of the bags. ", Points positifs : "Tap est une tres bonne compagnie un des meilleurs en Europe" ", Points positifs : "Grand écran individuel, avion moderne dreamliner, prise usb, WiFi, à l'heure et globalement bien organisé" I was sent to the Lufthansa counter, which didn’t open until 11:30, when I should have gone to the United counter. ", Points négatifs : "Passport control in Lisbon was awful and many people missed their flight in spite of them being made aware of the issue. I have no idea why they make you go through security again when you never leave a secure area. While fairly comfortably seated and offered water, this still was somewhat unpleasant especially after a long-haul from Havana", Points positifs : "On time" Excellent piloting", Points positifs : "The lounge and the staff were wxcellent" Equipage fantastique vol à l heure ....", Points négatifs : "The take off was delayed too much. ", Points positifs : "La place pour les jambes" (Sign says 31 minutes walking time!) There was no one at the check in desks indicated on the screens or the check in terminals. Points négatifs : "Plus ou moins tout, et au moins donner un repas correct. The short flight journey included a simple light lunch with drink." ", Points positifs : "Super friendly" Points négatifs : "Poor gliding in and rough landing", Points positifs : "Voler pour la première fois sur un à 320 NEO !" Also, on the inbound flight (this was the return one), the seats were fitted with a very simple and clever tablet-holding mechanism, so you could easily watch something on your table while eating your food (from a similarly small tray table). Crew was ordering passengers to take headphones off during security demo. La haute saison est en novembre, décembre et janvier. Despite getting to the desk when there were still people queuing he refused to let us board. Alors le staff propose un iPad a 10€ ?? Paris (PAR) - Londres (LON) Durée du vol. However I waste 1 Hour of my day in check in desk, as I couldn’t get my boarding pass when I check in online." ", Points négatifs : "TAP was late getting the first flight out, offered almost no help and almost left 22 people stranded in Portugal and tried to get us to pay for a new flight at our own expense. Points négatifs : "Impossible to use a laptop for a 1m80 big guyin the middle seat: seats are soooo narrow", Points positifs : "Surprised and delighted to be served a tasty sandwich and fruit drink plus glass of wine on a 3 pm 2 + hr flight from Lisbon to London" Recherchez des vols Paris Orly–Londres City à bas prix et selon vos besoins. Très pénible surtout pour une femme enceinte de 7 mois! It did take the edge off flying into this particular terminal in Heathrow. Trouvez des billets d’avion pas chers pour Aéroport de Londres-Heathrow depuis Aéroport de Paris-Orly. Not good at all boarding/checking in. The bathrooms early into the flight were dirty and one had no toilet paper the entire flight, making me wonder if any were cleaned between flights. Aucun vol direct n’est disponible sur KAYAK pour cet itinéraire. Points négatifs : "Would prefer flying with partner United though. ", Points positifs : ":(" Points négatifs : "Perhaps spirits offered other than just wine. Points négatifs : "Cannot really think of anything that needed attention on these flights. Paris-Orly: tous les vols sont opérés depuis Orly 1, Orly 3 et Orly 4. ", Points négatifs : "L'avion a eu deux heures de retard. Points négatifs : ":(", Points positifs : "Left us alone a lot and also not a lot of brainless babbling over the pa. Dommage", Points positifs : "Avion propre et moderne Personnel à l'ecoute" Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus Les parkings sont ouverts à la réservation pour vous faciliter l'accès en toute sécurité. Points négatifs : "Cabine défraîchie. ", Points positifs : "Nothing, I tried to cancel the reservation 3 days after I made it and couldn’t even get a percentage back. Pleasure to fly with! Captain says we can’t wait. J'ai dû payer taxe de 150$ à l'aéroport pour cette malhonnêteté. Partir le matin est en moyenne 2% moins cher que de partir le soir*. The crew were lovely." ", Points positifs : "flight was more than 4 hours late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I’m pissed at your holier than thou attitude. Cherchez un vol pour Aéroport de Londres-Heathrow sur KAYAK. ", Points négatifs : "No complaints. I was told that I had ample time (2 and a half hours) Did not receive any help to connect on time. Points négatifs : "La nourriture, le retard", Points positifs : "very on time (before time actually), great crew - professional but also very friendly and you could see they liked their journey that day." the cabin crew looked harassed." Boarding was chaotic, no lines, just a crowd blocking access. ", Points positifs : "Food and price" Very small leg room. Then, Iberia check-in had to send me to last minute clerk or I would have missed my flight. Points négatifs : "Le repas n'était pas très bon et j'ai eu faim", Points positifs : "Food was good and crew were helpful." Consultez la page correspondante pour obtenir des informations sur les voyages à Jersey, l'île de Man, les îles Shetland et les Orcades.Exigences d'entréeTous les voyageurs entrant au Royaume-Uni doivent présenter un Formulaire de santé publique de localisation des passagers à l'immigration à leur arrivée.Exigences spécifiques de quarantaineLe Royaume-Uni a annoncé une quarantaine obligatoire de 14 jours pour tous les voyageurs à partir du 8 juin. L’application n’indique pas la porte. Points négatifs : "Late notice of where our gate was located. Points négatifs : "Very good", Points positifs : "Absolutely on time!" Points négatifs : "Normalement, les vols long courriers offrent toujours des bagages en soute. Seats horrible. We scheduled flight was also seriously delayed. ", Points positifs : "Spacious and quick." perhaps it’s a European thing with budget airlines but to pay for water is unacceptable. I have now been travelling for nearly 30 hours without sleep, am stuck in Madrid with no certainty of when or how I will get home or see my luggage again, and am seriously seriously pissed off. Grâce à plus de 2 milliards de recherches traitées chaque année, nous pouvons afficher une grande variété de prix et d’options pour les vols Aéroport de Paris-Orly-Aéroport de Londres-Heathrow. ", Points positifs : "Speed of boarding and disembarking. Aucun sens commercial. ", Points négatifs : "These jerks delayed our flight because our plane was late in arriving. ", Points positifs : "That I arrived" Aucune compagnie aérienne n'opère de vol direct entre Paris Orly et Londres Luton. Points négatifs : "Being told that we could not bring cabin luggage on board with us when there were empty seats and luggage space around us. Also very long distance between landing gate and luggage claim in Miami - I don't know what passengers who can't walk well do. The food and drink service was cheap, and I felt the attendants didn't feel like they had to try to give good service. A Paris-Orly, si vous venez récupérer un proche, orientez-vous vers la zone Arrivées Minute à Orly 3, parking P3 au niveau -2. Nous avons passé la journée dans les aéroports et les avions. Points négatifs : "Seat could have been comfier! ", Points positifs : "Legroom, ease of boarding, polite staff" Le vol avec escale le plus court dure 4h 10min. Et vol en retard. Points négatifs : "The English announcements were a little hard to hear/understand as the flight attendant read it so fast - but then again - it was a short flight - so every second counts :-)", Points positifs : "The crew were friendly and helpful and the flight arrived early, even though we left a little bit late - as such - I was very happy with the flight. Points négatifs : "I guess they are having problems getting flights out on schedule I had a long wait coming from the US and they added another 2 plus hours of wait at Heathrow.....", Points positifs : "Fast, easy, and comfortable flight, with a friendly crew." Espace entre les sièges plus grand que les autres compagnies", Points positifs : "Everything was as expected except for the inconvenience of no having food on board." However, I was able to stretch out and sleep due to the aircraft not being full. Points négatifs : "Delayed takeoff and landing due to a mechanical problem if some sort", Points positifs : "Tout a été parfait !!!! They give us zero information on what’s going on as we stand in line forever. KAYAK est un moteur de recherche dédié au voyage, qui parcourt le Web à la recherche des meilleurs prix que nous puissions trouver pour nos utilisateurs. not a single chip :(", Points positifs : "Vuelo directo" Points négatifs : "There were papers and debris from previous flight still on the floor. Then the jerks announced a new delay. Points négatifs : "The boarding was slow", Points négatifs : "Slow service by the flight attendants; poorly stocked food options. An Ipad was handed to us resulting in a bunch of cables surrounding us through the entire trip. Il y a 17 vols par semaine entre Paris Orly et Londres City, pour le mois de octobre. Points négatifs : "Mauvaise info", Points positifs : "Confort de l'avion et amabilité de l'équipage" Réservez au moins 3 semaines avant le départ pour obtenir un prix moins cher que la moyenne. ", Points positifs : "Étonnant, mais on a servi sandwich et vin en classe économique gratuitement." The breakfast sandwich was good. I understand it is important to be attentive, but ultimately you shouldn't be forced to. Points négatifs : "Todo pago adentro, no me dieron ni agua. Totally unacceptable behaviour. ", Points négatifs : "Hand luggage weighing queue delayed flight, Gatwick flights delays, missing luggage at Lisbon,", Points positifs : "The crew were very friendly, a nice and relaxed flight and they gave out complimentary food and coffee which was brilliant"